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A few weeks ago I picked up the latest book from the Gourmet Farmer (Matthew Evans & friends) and instantly fell in love with it’s recipes. I must admit I haven’t seen many episodes of the TV show (my brother LOVES it) but I’ve always enjoyed those that I saw. What’s not to love? It shows Tassie from an amazing perspective, inspiring foodies to make the most of their surroundings.     Anyway, the new book is all about getting back to absolute basics and enjoying simple food in its

I was extremely lucky to win an absolutely amazing Emily Green scarf at the start of last week! Half of Melbourne have her famous fimo necklaces and now she’s paired up with Lucy Hall to create a range of cool fluro scarves. I chose the ‘Pebbles’ scarf in grey/red which I’ve not taken off since it arrived – I love it! You can check out the rest of her designs and colourways in her online store here.   Callington Mill have a range of different flours from wholegrain, medium sifted

As far as I’m concerned, there’s three amazing cooking smells – frying onions, fresh coffee & the smell of freshly baked bread out of the oven. I’ve cooked bread a handful of times and had some triumphs and some disasters so I wasn’t feeling overly confident that it wouldn’t turn out into a big rock cake. All in all it took a good couple of hours and a whole lot of love. The recipe was for two loaves of bread so I made one plain loaf for breakfast and added