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I’m extremely fortunate to be friends with a lot of crazy-talented folk. A few posts back I mentioned my friend Wona; she’s an incredible florist with years of experience and awards under her belt. I was lucky enough for her to make the bouquets, lapel pins and arrange the flowers on the arbour for my wedding. The end result was ah-maaazing! Seriously, you throw a few ‘loose’ ideas at her and she’ll make it come to life!

About 6 months ago – yes this is how long I’ve been meaning to post about this – Wona and Charlie opened their beautiful plant and flower shop, Loose Leaf. Here Wona builds her sculptural pieces and holds her classes. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a beautiful bouquet she is the woman to contact! Not only limited to bouquets and flower arrangements, she also holds a number of other really unique classes. Last winter she held other classes like traditional Korean arrangements, tall table arrangements, bridal bouquets, bridal table arrangements, as well as more sculptural classes like working with cane to create table settings or wreaths.

As well as Wona’s classes, Loose Leaf also have a great selection of indoor, outdoor plants, and flowers. I’m sure if you read a few big blogs like The Design Files, Broadsheet, Three Thousands, etc, you may have read a bit about the shop and Charlie and Wona. Everyone goes bananas about them, and when you visit the space, you’ll understand why. It’s just got that sort of zen feeling that makes you just want to linger there for a while.

So, when Wona asked me if I’d like to pop around to make a bouquet, one-on-one with her help, I jumped at the chance. Wona’s knowledge is so extensive, its incredible the amount I learnt, just in the few hours I was there. After 2-3 hours, I walked out with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’d ever seen! She talks you through the structure of flowers, how to build a bouquet and how to use the different foliage for support; it’s like building a house! Anyway, I couldn’t have been happier with the end result; and they seemed to last forever too! Thank you Wona for your generosity.

If you’re in the Collingwood area, pop in. They’re open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9-6pm.

Loose Leaf – Plants and Flowers
31 Sackville Street
Collingwood, 3066

Today I don’t have a recipe, but just some images from the Loose Leaf shop. I hope you enjoy!

x e.

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