The ‘Sebily’ Wedding

Brace yourself people.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a food post but I really wanted to share these photos with you. I apologise now for the onslaught of images but who doesn’t love a wedding huh? As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been busy editing the ‘Sebily’ wedding photos that my two extremely talented friends Jeremy Howell and Anne-Sophie (aka Sasufi) took for us. I was blown away with the amazing shots they got, they really nailed the brief! Again, I’d like to thank all our friends for helping out leading up to, and on the big day…

Wona Bae (Loose Leaf)
Charlie Lawler (Open Season)
Anne-Sophie Poirier (Sasufi)
Simon & Jenna Hipgrave (The Hungry Workshop)
Deanne Hibberd (Grattans Flowers)
Steve Baker (Death by Chandelier)
Simon Kemp (The Drunken Admiral) & Brierlie Godfrey-Kemp (Queen of Tarts)
Rob Cordiner (Smalltime Books)
Sophie Curtain (Full Drop Co. & Sophie Curtain)
Ash Winch (Ash Winch)

What a clever bunch of cookies! Oh if only I could relive that day again and again and again…



Above: Cake by Queen of Tarts & styling by Adeline & Lumiere



Above: Party favours – a choice of a ‘Date Night Popcorn Kit’ or our own tea mix (we drink a lot of tea!). Bouquets by Wona Bae and table flowers by Seb’s Mama, Leonie. Styling by Adeline & Lumiere




Above: getting ready to get hitched!



Above: The ‘I dos’. Leading up to the wedding I thought I just wanted to get ‘the boring bit’ out of the way so we could
celebrate but this was my favourite part of the day!



Above: Our amazing bridal party, baby Florence and my Mémé Doule. 



Above: beautiful photos by Sasufi and Jeremy.



Above: the location of the wedding was just stunning. Tasmania is just so beautiful!



Above: Group shot! The best Best Man speech ever, cake cutting, the ICE-CREAM VAN and the diamond piñata!
(Cake cutting and piñata shots thanks to Rob Cordiner on his 35mm film camera.)



Thank you. I love you all.

x e.

Ps. Next post will be back to usual. I’ve got a super delicious recipe for you that I’m really excited about sharing.

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. What a gorgeous wedding!!!! I love all the little details (and that cake!) and your dress was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! x

    • Emily says:

      Thank you Pearl! It was such a fun day for us and all our friends. I wish we could do it all again!

      Alex – I know, don’t they look cute!

  2. Alex says:

    Love it! Such a great shot of Seb and Rob having a giggle. You looked stunning! x

  3. What a beautiful day. We also want to do it all again ! x

  4. Michelle says:

    Such beautiful shots. And that dress. It looks like a beautiful, perfect, blissfully happy day.

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