Ho-Co-Fro-Yo (aka: Homemade Coconut Frozen Yoghurt) & Pineapple Sorbet Icy Poles

It’s been so incredibly hot in Melbourne this past week. It’s not too bad during the weekdays when I’m at work (in the safety of the air con with a cardigan on!). I can bare with it on my way to work, during lunch and after work when it’s cooled down slightly. This weekend however, for me, was a killer. We don’t have air con at home and it… is… hard. Hard to cook, hard to clean, hard to get comfortable – hard to do anything! BUT the good thing about this hot weather (lets not forget it is actually AMAZING) is that we can go to the pool (I’ve been going at least once a week after work). We can eat our lunch on the lawn, we can type our blog posts outside on a balmy night (like I am right now), we can enjoy evening BBQs with loads of delicious fresh salads and of course, we can eat all sorts of delicious sorbets, ice-creams and frozen yoghurts. Mmmmm.


For the last few months my friends have heard me harping on about this ‘Ho-Co-Fro-Yo’ idea that I’ve been wanting to try – well, let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Partially born from the ridiculously stupid name I came up with (short for HOmemade COconut FROzen YOghurt – get it?) and also a bit of inspiration from this book I bought a few months back (which taught me how to make cultured butter and yoghurt). Well, yeah, I don’t know what else to say but it’s a TASTE SENSATION! The pineapple pairs so well with the coconut (as would a yummy mango version… mmm). The process is a bit time consuming but worth it for a dinner party perhaps (and perfect to prepare ahead of time).

Next week I’m heading down to Tassie for the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY! I’m a bridesmaid but I’m hoping to get as many shots as possible of a friend’s special day set in a beautiful spot not far from Launceston. Fun times.

x e.


Ho-Co-Fro-Yo (Homemade Coconut Frozen Yoghurt)

400g coconut milk (1 can)
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp good quality yoghurt with live cultures (like Jalna)
esky filled with warm water/warm room/heater

1. Place coconut milk in a saucepan and heat up to 46ºC (115ºF). Let the milk cool down to 43ºC (110ºF) before adding the sugar and yoghurt. Mix well to combine.

2. Place the coconut milk mixture into a large sterilised jar and incubate at about 42ºC- 45ºC (108ºF-112ºF) for 8-24 hours. I place my jars in an esky and half fill with warm water (or you can use anything/anywhere that will keep the yoghurt at a warm consistent temperature). Every few hours reheat the water for the esky but ensure the temperature doesn’t exceed 45ºC.

3. After the incubation period, take the yoghurt out of the esky and wait to return to room temperature. Pour yoghurt into a freezable container and place in the freezer for 1-2 hours. If you’re lucky enough to have an ice-cream machine, pop the yoghurt in now and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

4. Take the frozen mixture out of the freezer and into a food processor and blitz until smooth. If you wish to make icy poles, fill your moulds up half way, put a stick or teaspoon in and freeze again. Wait until completely frozen to add pineapple flavour to the top. If you don’t have any moulds place the fro-yo back in the freezer for another 2-3 hours.

*Normally coconut yogurt is runnier than normal yoghurt so many recipes include a thickening agent such as gelatin. As I’m making mine for freezing there’s no need. If you wish to use this recipe to eat as is, add 1tsp gelatin to the mixture.


Pineapple Sorbet

1 small pineapple
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

1. Cut off all the skin from the pineapple and chop into cubes. Place into a food processor and blitz until smooth.

2. Add sugar and water and pulse until combined. Pour into a container and place in the freezer for 1-2 hours. If you’re lucky enough to have an ice-cream machine, pop it in now and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

3. After 1-2 hours place sorbet back in the food processor and blitz until smooth. At this point you can either put it in your icy pole moulds or back into the container to refreeze.

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  1. Judy says:

    Thankyou for this wonderful recipe. I have been wondering how to make coconut yogurt. If you have a Thermomix, or even if you don’t, you can buy a Thermoserver from them which you can just pour your yogurt into and let it sit on the bench for 5 or more hours or overnight and its ready. Just slip it in the fridge in the morning. I make my own yogurt with milk all the time like that. It is wonderful. Thank you for all your inspiration with your blog. Much appreciated every time.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Judy. I’d love to one day own a Thermomix. My Mum has one and says they’re wonderful!

  2. Marissa says:

    This sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to try it. Funny note, I had to do a google search for “esky”. Guess that term hasn’t made it to the U.S.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Marissa. Haha – I had wondered whilst typing it out if ‘Esky’ was a universal term! Oops. Obviously not. What would you call it in the States? A cooler?

  3. Carole says:

    Hi there. The current Food on Friday on Carole’s Chatter is collecting links to posts about ice cream and sorbets – or anything similar like gelato. I do hope you link this in. This is the link . Please do check out some of the other links – there are a lot of good ones already. Have a great week.

  4. Carole says:

    Emily , thanks for joining the link up for Food on Friday on Carole’s Chatter. I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the other links. I have been reading them all and must say my ice cream cravings are now almost out of control! Cheers

    Ps I am signing up to follow your blog. A follow back would be great – or maybe you have already?

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