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Loose Leaf

I’m extremely fortunate to be friends with a lot of crazy-talented folk. A few posts back I mentioned my friend Wona; she’s an incredible florist with years of experience and awards under her belt. I was lucky enough for her to make the bouquets, lapel pins and arrange the flowers on the arbour for my wedding. The end result was ah-maaazing! Seriously, you throw a few ‘loose’ ideas at her and she’ll make it come to life! About 6 months ago – yes this is how long I’ve been meaning to

AWOL & Flowers

Well hello stranger! I have to apologies for not posting last week. I really should have given you an explanation… While you may think I’m neglecting you, I PROMISE I’m not! I’ve been super busy making your Christmas present so keep your eyes peeled for the 1st December. That’s all I’m saying ;) I’ve been rather busy over the last couple of weeks so I decided to put the regular posts on hold until December 4th. However I thought I’d post these stunning peonies I received from my friend the