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Recently I decided to make a batch of wonderfully spicy, winter-warming mulled wine. My friend has been talking about mulled wine for the past few weeks which inspired me to make some for myself! And with the end of winter just around the corner (THANK GOODNESS!) I thought I’d better get a wriggle on. I think this tastes delicious, of course it goes without saying, if it doesn’t have enough ‘zing’ for your liking, add a few more spices to taste.

It feels like Winter has beenwith us for ages, when it’s only just begun. Ever searching for the silver lining,  I’m trying to make the most of all the wonderful winter ingredients that are now in season. There’s beautiful coloured cabbages, rainbow carrots and ruby red raddishes that brighten up any salad. I always try to eat foods that are naturally bright in colour…they just feel like they’re healing the body from the inside out. I’m sure it’s exactly what your body needs and craves in the middle of winter,


Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m the head cook, stylist and photographer behind the Adeline & Lumiere blog. Adeline & Lumiere started mid 2011 just after I moved to Melbourne after living overseas where my passion for cooking and baking begun. On weekends I’d pour over the pages of the small number of cook books I had and started working my way through Delia Smith’s How to Cook. Somewhere between moving back I had decided I wanted to try my hand at food photography. With a background in