New Zealand Holiday Pics

I’ve been one very lucky girl this year. I’ve just got back from a wonderful skiing holiday in New Zealand which was incredible! After last years group trip to Mt. Hotham we all decided to go to NZ for our next dip in the snow. Lucky for us we have one super duper organised friend who did all the groundwork for us and found all the best deals. I have to say, New Zealand surpassed all my (already ample) expectations. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to quite a few countries in the past 10 or so years, but NZ would have to be one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen.


{Top} View from Wanaka {Bottom} Drive to Mount Aspiring
{Bottom} Our drive to Mount Aspiring


The skiing/snowboarding conditions we had were absolutely perfect – ‘blue bird’ days as they call it and not a cloud in sight. After only two days of previous skiing experience I started off with a ski-class to try and get the skills back again. I was a little bit of a scaredy cat and stuck to the easy ‘green’ runs… until Seb talked me into going down a harder blue run on the last day. No broken bones = success!



Drive to Mount Aspiring


Although it was predominately a skiing/snowboarding trip, us-girls did take some time off the slopes for a couple of day trips. I was pretty keen to take the camera out and get some snaps. Shot after shot it really was stunning. It wasn’t a challenge to make this place look good. We first drove to Wanaka and set west to Mount Aspiring. The 50km drive was just so beautiful, I had to stop the car quite a few times to get these shots. We also got to drive through 18 ‘fords’ (parts of the road where water runs over) it was pretty exciting stuff! We had decided that we’d go tramping (as the NZ’ers say) through the National Park to see a glacier. None of us really had appropriate footware however that wasn’t going to stop us! We’re Tasmanian and we go bush walking all the time… (but not quite in conditions like these). Frost and ice covered the path making a good 70% of it pretty darn slippery but hey, 10km – no probs. A 6 hour return walk. Yeah right, National Parks are always quite conservative with their walking times, we could totally do it in 3. So on we went. Over the suspension bridge, over the black ice, over the icy mud and frozen grass. We had walked for a good hour when we passed two park rangers. They looked at us, in our dress shoes. They were encouraging enough but we saw the doubt in their eyes and we were only a third of the way there. As it turns out, New Zealand hiking estimate times are pretty spot on. Needless to say we turned back around. BUT not all was lost. We still had the beautiful scenic drive back to Queenstown.

Augh, such an incredible country. If you have a chance, do yourself a favour and make the trip to NZ. It’s seriously amazing.

New recipe and photos next week folks! Keep your eyes peeled.

x e.



{Top & Bottom} Our treacherous walk through the national park!


Drive back to Queenstown from Wanaka



So many activities! {Top} Gondola ride to the top of Queenstown and Luge rides
{Middle} Paragliding – although I didn’t try this it did look like fun
{Bottom} The Luge track high above Queenstown

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  1. Beautiful place! We’re going to NZ in October for 2 weeks and I’m having trouble deciding where to go and wishing we could be there longer than that.

    • Emily says:

      Oh Aga you’ll have a wonderful time! So jealous. I wish I was going there again in Oct! Highly recommend Wanaka. I wanted to get to Milford Sound but ran out of time. Next time ;)

  2. Carole says:

    Lovely pics. So glad you enjoyed my home country! Cheers

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