Almond & Pistachio Nougat

Awwwww me gawd… I know I probably say this about everything but this recipe is sensational! Last year I decided to treat myself and buy (a rather extravagant) Christmas present – an amazing Kitchen Aid. It’s the pride and joy of my kitchen and I don’t regret buying it one bit. (I got a sexy black one!)

At the time when I bought this lovely specimen I was working with a lady who was a certified domestic goddess. She had a Kitchen Aid and would whip up all sorts of lovely treats for us almost daily – incredible! After quizzing her about some of the amazing things she had made with hers, she mentioned that she’d made nougat. It hadn’t even occurred to me that you could in fact make nougat yourself and so that night I hopped on the computer and scoured the internet for the best looking recipe I could find. I asked my parents (who are long time nougat connoisseurs) what key qualities they think the best nougat have. Their idea of the perfect nougat is filled with lots of almonds and pistachios with a hint of honey. I found a recipe which was filled with dried cranberries and dark chocolate so I substituted these with the nuts.

My first batch was so popular with all my friends and family last year, I had to make it this year. Mum and Dad requested Nougat for their Christmas present months ago and Mum rang up yesterday just to confirm that I was going to make it for them (talk about ruin a surprise). I wrap mine up into little parcels which make the perfect treat to give away. Overall I think nougat is pretty easy to make (if you have a candy thermometer). The most difficult part is cutting it up so you may need to find yourself a very strong friend to help out! I paid my little helper in Nougat offcuttings :) I swear, this stuff is worth it’s weight in gold!

x e.


Luckily I have a little Christmas tree because I only have a handful of decorations but I love every single one and they each have a story. My favourite is my little wooden Santa from Berlin. I could have bought the whole shop!


Almond & Pistachio Nougat

Edible rice paper
2 cups caster sugar
1 cup glucose syrup
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 egg whites
150g almonds, lightly toasted
100g pistachios

Candy thermometer


Line a non stick 20 x 30 cm baking tray with sheets of edible rice paper. Put the sugar, glucose, honey and vanilla in a large heavy-based saucepan and cook, stirring constantly, over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil, then boil without stirring. Cook until the mixture reaches 142°C (275°F) on a sugar thermometer (soft crack stage).

Once the sugar has almost reached the correct temperature, start to beat the egg whites in a large clean bowl until firm peaks form. While beating, very slowly pour the hot sugar syrup in a thin stream into the egg white.

Continue to beat until the mixture is thick and holds its shape – depending on your beaters, this could take between 2 and 8 minutes. Once the mixture can hold its shape, stop beating. You don’t want it to thicken too much and become like toffee. Gently warm the nuts in a dry pan. Stir into the mixture.

Pour the mixture into the tin and place a layer of rice paper over the top. Leave to set overnight and then cut into squares or bars with a hot, wet knife.

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14 Discussion to this post

  1. Kodie Hultgren says:

    Yum this looks delicious, i’ll have to give this a go for Christmas Day! Loving all the pics too.

  2. Suzanne says:

    My favourite!

  3. mathilde says:

    I’ve read you’re entire blog and i LOVE it. You’re pictures are stunning, I love the mood it’s exactly the kind of things I would like to do !
    Great inspiration, thank you for sharing =)

  4. Emily says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. Sara says:

    I’ve even bought the rice paper but still haven’t gotten my act together to make this. Looks great! Do you think I could use corn syrup for glucose syrup?

    • Emily says:

      Oh Sara you should make it asap! Your friends and family will thank you! I’m pretty sure glucose syrup is the same thing as corn syrup. Let me know how you get on!!!

  6. Marv says:

    i kept looking for the perfect nougat recipe & when i came across ur blog i somehow knew this was it…….. just completed making a batch :D However i jus added 1/4 cup of water to the sugar, glucose n honey mix as almost all recipes mentioned d addition of water……. The nougat is now sitting in a silicon tray as rice paper is not available in my city……… Will let u know how it turns out
    Thnx Emily!!!!! :DDD

    • Emily says:

      Hi Marv, I looked around for a while too for a recipe I liked the look of. Do you know what the added water does? I made my first batch sans rice paper and worked just fine, but it was a little sticker to work with! Let me know how it turns out. I’d love to know! x e.

  7. Marv says:

    Hi Emily, I guess the water just keeps d sugar 4rm burning immediately….. It is delicious, almost every1 who tasted it loved it (thnx 2 u)!!! :D I just finished wrapping them in parchment paper, however the task of cutting them was tedious, its really really sticky, but then am happy with the result…… I boiled the sugar mix to 142°C.. This batch is soft n chewy. .. do u think i should keep it 4 a little longer to get a harder candy???

    • Emily says:

      Yes, cutting is the worst! I don’t think a higher temperature makes them harder. The last batch I make was cooked up to about 150 and it didn’t seem to be any harder. I’m so glad everyone loves it!
      x e.

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  9. Fiona says:

    Hello there. I made this nougat yesterday but it was incredibly hard, despite me not over mixing it with the sugar syrup. I may have put a little more glucose in than 1 cup so do you think this could have been the problem? It tasted delicious, just far too hard to eat. Thank you!

  10. Jillybeans says:

    Hi there. Can you pls let me know how long these nougat keep? I like mine soft and chewy but still firm enough to hold shape like yours. Would this recipe yield such nougat? How do you store it? Room temp, on bench individually covered with cling film?? How long would it last without it going off?

    • Emily says:

      Hi Jillybeans, I’m not entirely sure how long this nougat keeps. To be honest, it never lasts more than a week or two tops in my house! It’s a hit. I’ve made this nougat a few times and I’ve found the texture has changed depending on the temperature the sugar reaches. I don’t have a digital thermometer so I’ve never been 100% sure it’s reached the correct temp. Not much help I know, but you should definitely give this recipe a go!

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